Monday, July 22, 2013

The MassiveU Brand

What is a brand?
Sounds like a very simple question with a quick and easy answer, right? As an adjunct professor of Marketing, I am repeatedly asked this question by very smart people who inherently know there is more to a brand than just a smart logo and a killer mix of ultramarine and emerald green. Some would say a brand is a company's image or identifier... a company mark. Others suggest a brand clearly represents the traits, value/s, and intent of a company and the people, products, and services that make it up. There are those who simply state that a brand is a promise. Well, kind readers, as we're sure you can surmise: A brand is the collective of all of these answers.

And where a good brand is unique, timeless, and clearly recognizable, a great brand is all of this and more. A great brand includes a pinch of that little something extra that allows it to rise to the top, ensuring to its present and soon-to-be devotees the importance of keeping its promise and fulfilling their dreams. Those who come in contact with a great brand can identify with it and get a good, positive vibe from it. Great brands evoke a specific, targeted feeling, all the while suggesting an urgent, and yet passive, call-to-action. Great brands try really hard and great brands don't lie.

When it came to developing the MassiveU brand, the thought process was painstaking. You see, our core task of changing and improving the future of education is by all means not an easy undertaking. Our educational missive is a promise that comes with double heaps of passion and stick-to-itiveness. (Thank you, Merriam-Webster, for giving your stamp of approval on that word!) For that, the MassiveU brand -- our image, identifier, mark, value/s, passion, history, makeup, and promise -- is personal. We believe MassiveU will change the future of education for the better, allowing for bigger learning and massive, exponential gains for learners.

In a nutshell, the MassiveU brand, from our logo to our missive, is:
  • Global, spanning green continents and blue seas. 
  • Content-focused. Who and where content comes from is of extreme importance to us. Whether from a book, leading subject matter expert or thought leader, "Content is King" and it rings truer today than ever!
  • Student-centric. Providing open doors to one's future through massive learning opportunity is the centerpiece of our existence. All at the student's own pace, on his/her own time, on any device...
  • Big. We have yet to scratch the surface of what the future of education will look like. However, one thing we do know is that it's big, no it's huge Massive and that our mobile-first learning solutions can and will be applied to just about every subject you can think of! (Science, Healthcare, Business, Music, History, Art, Engineering, Writing, Languages, Car Mechanics, Sports...)
  • Credible. We hold University and subject matter expert content to the highest regard. Just as favorite teachers are never forgotten, high-quality learning content and experiences are most certainly always retained, remembered, and called upon again and again, and again...
(See what we did right there in bold?)

MassiveU saw a need for bigger learning and planted a seed for growth. We imagine a positively changing educational landscape -- one that is more open and available for learners to find the expert content they need, when and where they want it -- and we promise to be a massive part of this exciting educational journey. And that, folks, is a whole lot more than just a (pretty cool) mix of blue and green.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well ~ Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon